Monday, October 17, 2016

Endorsements for the Homeless Citizens Bill of Rights Campaign Florida

We seek written endorsements from local, state and national secular and faith-based organizations for the Homeless Citizens Bill of Rights Campaign. We are pleased to announce that the campaign has been endorsed by:

Homeless Citizens of Florida (citizen endorsers) 

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty  (endorsement letter)

Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc.  (Tampa; endorsement letter)

The Well (Tampa)

Speak Up Florida!

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (Florida and National) 

Refuge Ministries (National)

The Revolutionary Road Radio Show

October 22nd Alliance to End Homelessness (Broward County)

Great Harvest International  (endorsement letter)

Food Not Bombs Chapters (West Palm Beach, 
Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Lake Worth, Tallahassee

Broward Coalition to End Homelessness 

Miami Homes for All  (endorsement letter) 

The Maureen A. Abbott LOVE THY NEIGHBOR FUND, INC. (endorsement letter)

South Florida Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (endorsement letter)

Homeless and Hungry, Inc.

The Homeless Teacher 

Humanists of West Florida  (Pensacola)

Sean's Outpost (Pensacola)

Satoshi Forest Sanctuary  (Pensacola)

The Pottinger v. City of Miami Legal Team, led by Benjamin Waxman, Esq.

Greater Miami-Dade Chapter of the ACLU (endorsement letter)

Broward County Chapter of the ACLU

Western Regional Advocacy Project

Grace and Peace Ministries, Inc.

Royal Palm Christian Church and Rev. Craig Watts

Florida Council of Churches

Green Party (Pinellas) 

Smash the Slumlords 

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